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Time For Some Plant Love

INFO I have a few plants that could use a different pot, so I test printed a small low poly planter that I liked. I printed out my first one at 100% scale, but it is only big enough for a small plant, so succulent. I ended up scaling the file to 200% which was…

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Spiderman Cosplay Faceshell

INFO A friend ordered a Spiderman Face Shell from Italy for his cosplay for PAX South, but it got stuck in customs, and was not going to arrive until after the convention. He found out that I had a printer and asked me if I could rush print him out a face shell before the…

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Printing Out A Case For The Octoprint Pi

INFO Now that I have the printer settings dialed in, it is time to print out a case for the Raspberry Pi running Octoprint, so it can be mounted to the Ender 3. LINKS Print File – Filament – DURAMIC 3D Premium PLA Plus Printer Filament 1.75mm, 3D Printing Filament with Build Surface 200…

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