FreeNAS USB Update

Info Took the NAS down during low usage hours, to swap out the USB drive FreeNAS is installed and running on. Copied the config from the old USB and pulled out that drive Threw in the new 32GB Sandisk USB 3.0 drive and my trusty OS Drive and installed the latest version of FreeNAS Initial…

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Upgrading the Lack Rack

Info Was at Ikea and picked up another Lack side table. Used it to secure up the bottom of the rack where I was using some flimsy pieces of plywood to hold up the entire rack. Also added some wooden rails for the ubiquity switch to sit on

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No Network No Problem

Info The new house has 0 networking, and I am not going to run everything over WIFI like everyone nowadays recommends. I still have that box of cat 6 that I uses to wire up the last house, it is time to finish it off. The AT&T Tech was cool and ran a wire across…

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