Setting up the new glass print bed

November 16, 2020

Needed to get a new bed after printing all those bunnies. The PETG filament really did a number on the bed, and ended up ripping some of the bed in a few locations

Learning CAD to Print A Custom LED Sign

November 13, 2020

Saw another 3D printer a few years ago who printed out a LED sign that was pretty cool. A few weeks ago he did a tutorial video on how he designed and printed it.

I have been wanting to learn how to CAD stuff out, so I gave this a try.

Printer Jam

November 9, 2020

Started a 4 hour print over night and woke up to a empty bed. Did a little troubleshooting and thought the nozzle was clogged so I took apart the bowden tube and tried to pull out the loaded filament with no success.

It looks like I shoved the bowden tube into the extruder causing the end to shrink.

The filament also looks like it was clogged in the hot end causing it to thicken up making it impossible to extract from the tube without cutting it.

I also trimmed the tube where the coupling on the hot end side sits because it was wearing through the tube, which may have also contributed to the extrusion skip and the clogging.

Fixing Extruder Skipping

November 3, 2020

Printing a crap load of bunnies

November 1, 2020

Running The Printer For 2 Months

March 12, 2020


Printer has been pretty much constantly for the past 2 months, and I have not had any major issues

Printing A Space Ship

March 6, 2020


wanted to test printing out minis out with the black PLA to see how it handles the primer and paint

Printing A Grip For Painting Minis

February 28, 2020

Painting My Character Mini

February 24, 2020


Decided to paint my characters mini, I did not have a lot of paint so I worked with what I had

The face is a little derpy and needs some more work.

Power Issues With The My Main Display

February 22, 2020


After a brownout I started having issues with my main display. It eventually started taking 20 min for it to turn on, and then stopped working entirely. The issues it was having led me to think it was something to do with the power supply.

I took the monitor apart and found that the capacitors looked like they were about to pop, so i decided to order some replacements to see if I could get the monitor working again.

I figured out a way to discharge the capacitors and started removing them from the board.

Looks like swapping out the capacitors did the trick and fixed the issue with my monitor.